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Public School Parent. Progressive.
People-Centered Advocate.
Marathon Proven. Principled Business Leader.


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A Message from Kim

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Kim Watkins

The pandemic has ruined lives, broken our social contract, and exposed countless injustices, which many New Yorkers have faced for years. The negligence of elected officials highlights the importance of bringing a new voice to the office of the Manhattan Borough President. Residents of Manhattan deserve a leader who prioritizes the needs of regular people and listens to voices, which have been ignored for years. Let's RUN TOGETHER FOR CHANGE.


mission & vision


Our Priorities

Together we will reimagine a better Manhattan for EVERY NEW YORKER. The grassroots movement of PEOPLE POWER is here. 

Giving our Public Schools Back to the Public

We will reclaim our city public schools. Every child deserves a quality education.

Fight for Housing Equity and Affordability

Together we will make NYC affordable again. We will make land-use decisions together.

Champion Quality of Life, Health & Safety Issues

We will champion to improve life in our city. We want cleaner and safer streets, and more.

Fast Track our Economic Recovery

We will reignite and revitalize our economy and generate new jobs, together.

Budget Justice & Government Responsibility

We need an accountable and transparent government. We must ensure we fund those who need it most.

Launch a 2030 Green Manhattan Plan

We need greener solutions to help reduce our carbon footprint. We owe it to our future generations.

Social Justice & Reimagining Policing

We will reimagine community policing while ending structural racism and providing needed services.

Improving Transportation & Infrastructure

We must continue to improve our transportation and infrastructure. These are our city's lifelines.

This is Our People's Agenda.

Upcoming Events

Countdown to Primary Day - June 22, 2021.

Meanwhile, Kim is fighting for a better & more equitable NYC!


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Latest News & Press

Saving Governor’s Island

Kim’s Submission to City Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises on Governors Island April 5, 2021 I stand with the Metro Area Governors Island Coalition (MAGIC), Community Board 1 (CB1), and countless New Yorkers in opposition to the Trust for Governors Island (TGI) zoning proposal.  Plans to boost outdoor living and wellness, as well as […]

Elections Matter

What’s the first election that you remember? Did you cast a vote by filling out a paper ballot, then sliding it into a slit cut, into a decorated shoe box? Or maybe going behind a curtain, where you had to pull a giant lever to reveal the ballot, flip a metal switch for your candidate, […]

Public Schools Anchor NYC Communities

It may not seem like it right now, but as the virus recedes, we will once again see that our public schools anchor our neighborhoods, give strength to our communities. That’s why I am so committed to putting the public school system front and center on the Manhattan Borough President’s trail. In 2021, it is […]

Really Bad Government

The state of governance is on the ballot in June 2021. We must select candidates who are willing to fight for courage and integrity in our elected offices.

Introducing – Momhattan –

Manhattan Moms have paid dearly for mistakes our leaders have made since the pandemic began. We have cared for sick loved ones. We have cared for our children in school at home. We retreated from our professional lives, to cook more in home meals and clean more dishes. We have fit PTA zooms, budget advocacy […]

George Floyd Statement

Kim’s Official Statement on the Guilty Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Trial I would like to state unequivocally how grateful I am to hear of the guilty verdict for the murder of George Floyd that was delivered today. My campaign centers racial justice, and I know that many New Yorkers feel a sense of […]


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I am supporting Kim because I have seen what she can accomplish when she brings people together and fights for a better deal for people in her community. When I was president of CEC4 I had many opportunities to collaborate with, and learn from, Kim on Manhattan wide education initiatives. I was always impressed with her ability to speak truth to power and get things done, and this is why I think she will be a great Manhattan Borough President.

Anand R. , Community Education Council member, District 4
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I am supporting Kim because she recognizes the critical role school nurses play in caring for school communities before and during the pandemic. Kim continues to advocate for pay parity for school nurses. Kim is a champion for all health professionals.

Mary L., Retired School Nursing Supervisor, Department of Health, NYC
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I'm running with Kim. She's understands the needs of our school children. Her stance on equity and fiscal responsibility are areas of great need for our public schools.

Dan A. , NYC public school teacher